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Moroccan Couscous

Ina adds great flavor and texture to her couscous with sweet currants and crunchy, butterypignoli nuts.

Get the Recipe:Moroccan Couscous

Sweet and Sour Couscous-Stuffed Peppers

Stuff couscous and beef into sweet bell peppers for a nutritious protein-packed meal. The bold colors of the antioxidant-packed bell peppers aren’t just for decoration-the more bright colors you can pile onto your plate, the healthier your meal will be.

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Pearl Couscous with Tomato Sauce

Al dente pearl couscous (which is made from the same ingredients as pasta) is right at home with a quick-and-simple tomato sauce. Top with fresh parsley for a crowd-pleasing side in just 20 minutes.

Get the Recipe:Pearl Couscous with Tomato Sauce

Perfect Couscous

Couscous isn’t a grain, as some people may think — it’s actually a type of pasta made from durum wheat and shaped like a grain. The couscous you have in your pantry is most likely instant couscous that’s been steamed and dried so it cooks very quickly, for a fast and easy side dish or base for a salad or bowl. Look for whole-wheat couscous in your supermarket; it cooks in the same time as the regular variety and has all the virtues of whole wheat pasta. This recipe makes a big batch for make-ahead meal prep but is easily halved.

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Garlic Chicken with Israeli Couscous

Looking for a way to switch up your classic chicken and rice? Try pairing your poultry with couscous instead. Anne makes hers with plenty of aromatic ingredients (like garlic, onion, saffron, thyme and citrus) for a dish that will have everyone running to the table.

Get the Recipe:Garlic Chicken with Israeli Couscous

Couscous with Carrots and Currants

Finish this light and delicious side dish simply — with a bright pop of cilantro and mint.

Get the Recipe:Couscous with Carrots and Currants

Saffron, Zucchini and Herb Couscous

Ina’s easy couscous gets its lovely golden color (and delicious sweet-and-savory flavor) from the addition of saffron. Tender, browned zucchini and fresh herbs are the perfect way to round out the flavors and add a nice pop of color.

Get the Recipe:Saffron, Zucchini and Herb Couscous

Scampi on Couscous

This 5-star recipe has rave reviews from Food Network fans who say that it’s “ a keeper” that will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Get the Recipe:Scampi on Couscous

Grilled Vegetable Couscous

A simple way to add tons of flavor to plain couscous? Stir in grilled leeks and mushrooms — and top everything off with nutty, toasted almonds.

Get the Recipe:Grilled Vegetable Couscous

Cauliflower Couscous

This simple, 20-minute side has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors thanks to cauliflower, cinnamon and dates.

Get the Recipe:Cauliflower Couscous

Curried Roasted Vegetable and Couscous Salad

Couscous is a fantastic way to bulk up any green salad. Here, we’re combining it with curried, roasted vegetables and an easy-to-make yogurt-lime dressing for a meal you’ll eat again and again.

Get the Recipe:Curried Roasted Vegetable and Couscous Salad

Mushroom Couscous

Quick-cooking couscous makes fast work of dinner. This simple, delicious side is ready in just 20 minutes.

Get the Recipe:Mushroom Couscous

Strawberry Couscous Breakfast Bowl

While oats are often the first choice for a healthy breakfast, utilizing other whole grains like couscous, millet, amaranth, farro and quinoa keep mornings from becoming mundane. Make a batch of couscous the night before, so that come morning, all you have to do is add toppings like fruits, nuts, coconut and flax seed for a 5-minute healthy breakfast.

Get the Recipe:Strawberry Couscous Breakfast Bowl

Crowd-Pleasing Couscous

Israeli couscous is made with wheat just like other varieties but its larger, pearl-like pieces mean that it has a nice, chewy texture when cooked.

Get the Recipe:Crowd-Pleasing Couscous

Israeli Couscous with Squash

When the weather gets chilly, there’s nothing more satisfying than this hearty dish, made with chewy Israeli couscous and savory-sweet butternut squash.

Get the Recipe:Israeli Couscous with Squash

Moroccan Couscous

This couscous gets it bold aroma and flavor from a quick, homemade spice blend (that you can make up to 2 weeks in advance). The ingredient list might look daunting, but don’t be intimidated — you’ll find that most of the ingredients are already in your pantry.

Get the Recipe:Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan Seafood Stew with Couscous

Couscous cooks up in almost no time at all, making it the perfect base for quick meals. Here, we pair it with equally as speedy shrimp and mussels for a flavorful bowl of seafood stew.

Get the Recipe:Moroccan Seafood Stew with Couscous

Toasted Couscous Broccoli Slaw with Buttermilk Dressing

A quick homemade buttermilk substitute gives a great tangy flavor to this salad with fresh broccoli and toasty couscous.

Get the Recipe:Toasted Couscous Broccoli Slaw with Buttermilk Dressing

Cherry Couscous Pudding

A sweet take on a typically savory dish. Instead of broth, cook your couscous in a combo of skim and almond milk — and add dried cherries and a cinnamon stick for extra flavor. Don’t forget to fluff it up!

Get the Recipe:Cherry Couscous Pudding

Israeli Couscous with Parmesan

This 15-minute dish makes a fantastic side or vegetarian main. Chopped pistachios add buttery flavor and a nice crunch — and are the perfect source of plant-based protein.

Get the Recipe:Israeli Couscous with Parmesan

Spiced Couscous and Chicken

Weeknight dinners are easy when you start with couscous. Make it the base of your bowl and top with protein and veggies for a complete meal.

Get the Recipe:Spiced Couscous and Chicken

Moroccan-Spiced Couscous with Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs get a filling and flavorful makeover with the addition of savory couscous and a refreshing cucumber salad. Perfect for brunch or breakfast-for-dinner-inspired meals.

Get the Recipe:Moroccan-Spiced Couscous with Scrambled Eggs

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