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Chicken Piccata

A quick lemon-butter sauce and a sprinkle of fresh parsley turn simple breaded chicken cutlets into an impressive dinner for two — in just 30 minutes!

Get the Recipe:Chicken Piccata

Steakhouse Sheet Pan Dinner for Two

Date night just got a lot easier — and less expensive. Here’s a traditional surf-and-turf dinner with all the sides, but without the steakhouse prices or any complicated prep. Using just one sheet pan makes it a quick clean-up.

Get the Recipe:Steakhouse Sheet Pan Dinner for Two

Cheesecake for Two

Treat your special someone to something sweet — this recipe makes just enough cheesecake for two, thanks to a jumbo muffin tin and scaled-down ingredients.

Get the Recipe:Cheesecake for Two

Kung Pao Cauliflower

Why order takeout when you can make Ree’s spicy cauliflower for two in just 16 minutes?

Get the Recipe:Kung Pao Cauliflower

Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Mojo

Fish cooks up in a flash which makes it the perfect choiceif you’re heading out for a show or movie after dinner. Best of all, this mahi features a simple sauce that will make your quick, homemade meal taste like a restaurant-worthy dinner.

Get the Recipe:Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Mojo

Limoncello Fizz

The flavors of lemon and thyme are the perfect complement to Chardonnay in this frothy, easy-to-sip cocktail.

Get the Recipe:Limoncello Fizz

Pan-Fried T-Bone Steak

Good-quality steak needs very little to become a date night-worthy dinner. Just brush it with a little oil and season generously with salt and pepper before giving it a good sear in a cast-iron skillet.

Get the Recipe:Pan-Fried T-Bone Steak

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Mushrooms and Rosemary

Double up on ingredients and you’ll have enough of this rich, savory chicken dinner for two. Serve simply with your favorite grain or sautéed string beans and you’ve got a meal worth adding to your date night repertoire!

Get the Recipe:Pan-Roasted Chicken with Mushrooms and Rosemary

Individual Strawberry Trifles

Giada mixes fresh strawberries with savory balsamic vinegar to create a layered dessert that’s unlike any other.

Get the Recipe:Individual Strawberry Trifles

Heart-Shaped Pizza for Two

With a few little tricks, you can transform a regular pepperoni pizza into a special heart-shaped treat. We take a few shortcuts, like store-bought pizza dough and sauce, so that it comes together quickly, but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone it wasn’t a labor of love.

Get the Recipe:Heart-Shaped Pizza for Two

Pasta Pomodoro for Two

You won’t believe how much flavor this quick and easy pasta dish has. The secret is a few special ingredients: sweet Italian San Marzano tomatoes, spicy red pepper flakes and a chiffonade of fresh, aromatic basil.

Get the Recipe:Pasta Pomodoro for Two

Southside Cocktail

This classy, gin-based cocktail looks absolutely amazing with nothing more than a sprig of fresh mint. Go ahead, impress that special someone.

Get the Recipe:Southside Cocktail

Chicken Under a Brick

This roasted chicken takes a little bit of extra work and planning — but it’s sure to impress. The bones are removed from a small chicken to flatten it and help it cook evenly. It’s then air-chilled overnight to ensure the skin gets golden and crispy. Cooking it doesn’t take a ton of babysitting — just check it every once in a while and adjust your heat as necessary.

Get the Recipe:Chicken Under a Brick

Shrimp, White Bean and Feta Skillet

Keep it simple on date night. This meal is ready in just under 30 minutes — and there’s only one pan to clean up afterwards.

Get the Recipe:Shrimp, White Bean and Feta Skillet

Chocolate Cake for Two

One thin layer of chocolate cake becomes a decadent dessert for two in this easy recipe. Serve with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for a creamy and delicious slice of layer cake.

Get the Recipe:Chocolate Cake for Two

Steakhouse Steaks

Ina always makes the best meals for Jeffrey so you know you can trust her with your date night plans. Case in point? This decadent filet mignon for two.

Get the Recipe:Steakhouse Steaks

Pork Ragout with Pappardelle Pasta

The secret ingredient in this recipe is time (although there’s thyme too). Letting the pork slowly braise in the tomato sauce builds a deep and rich flavor. We loved this served over pappardelle but it’s great with cavatelli too. Make it for four or serve just two for a special dinner and you’ll have some much appreciated leftovers.

Get the Recipe:Pork Ragout with Pappardelle Pasta

Rosemary Julep

Smooth, sweet bourbon stands up perfectly to the piney, aromatic nature of fresh rosemary. Combine the two in this drink for a cocktail you’re sure to make again and again.

Get the Recipe:Rosemary Julep

Pasta Alle Vongole

If you’re intimidated by seafood, don’t be. This classic dish is simple to make at home (and guaranteed to impress your date). Just be sure to scrub the clams well to remove any sand before cooking.

Get the Recipe:Pasta Alle Vongole

Apple Cobbler for Two

You won’t have days and days of leftover cobbler with this perfectly scaled-down recipe. It makes just enough for two!

Get the Recipe:Apple Cobbler for Two

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