PUMA x HARIBO Graphic Tee

The collection has seven t-shirt styles. They all blend together the Puma logo and the gummy graphic in different ways. I love this red option because the shimmery gold references the packaging of the Haribo Goldbears. It takes me back to my childhood scanning the candy section of every store we went into hoping to see that instantly recognizable gold bag. The shirt itself is 100 percent cotton and feels light and breathable while you’re wearing it. It’s a fantastic addition to my growing gummy wardrobe.


The sweat shorts are ideal for working out…or just lounging on the couch contemplating if you should work out. Admittedly, I too fell pretty hard into loungewear during the pandemic, so I probably didn’t need another pair of sweat shorts but here we are. Truth be told, these shorts were the most disappointing of the items I got. The really cute Haribo bear wearing a Puma sweatsuit is actually on the back of the shorts and the combined Puma/Haribo logo is slightly off to the side on the left leg. It pretty much just looks like you’re wearing plain black shorts. That subtlety might work for some, but not for me. Don’t get me wrong—I will still absolutely wear the heck out of them…I just wish there was more to them.

PUMA x HARIBO Suede Triplex Sneakers

The suede sneakers are absolutely the highlight of the collection. They come in a variety of colors, but I needed the yellow option because it includes the Haribo slogan, “Kids and grown-ups love it so–the happy world of Haribo” along the bottom of the shoes. Any devoted Haribo fan should know that these are the clear winner in the wide range of colors and style available. The sneakers come with an extra set of red laces if you want to swap out the yellow that come standard straight out of the box. They also came with a keychain of the colorless bear, which happens to be my favorite flavor (pineapple!) in the Goldbear packs. I’m pretty sure this is my first pair of yellow suede sneakers, but my new goal is to make them part of my signature look the way Elvis did with his blue suede shoes.

Overall Impression

There was clearly little that needed to be done to win me over with this collaboration. I will wear it all with pride. However, if they brought me in as a design consultant before creating the individual pieces, I would’ve advised that they include a few more options that were more over-the-top. Like, I would absolutely rock a denim jacket with that Haribo bear riding on the back of the Puma logo like it’s the little polo player on a Ralph Lauren shirt. In fact, I would strongly consider getting that tattooed on my shoulder blade after a few vodka sodas on the Jersey Shore. My love runs that deep.

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