Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekends. Mine was pretty chill. Visited a friend and had a yummy bowl of menudo at a popular Mexican restaurant that’s kind of a local institution. Menudo is one of those things I don’t usually cook because it’s so labor and time intensive, and not everyone in the family cares for it, but I LOVE it with lots of lime, fresh chilies, tons of cilantro and several healthy shakes of Tapatío.


But I digress….

I almost always play music while I’m cooking because it makes cooking all the more enjoyable for me. And if I’m having an especially leisurely cooking session, then a glass of wine to go with it for sure.

I mostly listen to a lot of instrumental nuevo flamenco and jazz when I’m cooking. They usually put me in a good culinary creative zone. Gipsy Kings, Jesse Cook, Vicente Amigo, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Eddie Higgins Trio, Vince Guaraldi… The list goes on!

Every once in a while, I stream my 80s list, which is higher energy and just fun nostalgia.

I love how music infuses my cooking with energy and inspiration!


Can’t wait to hear what everyone listens to while cooking!

Wishing you a musically inspired week in the kitchen,

~ YFNCM 🙂 <3


  1. Your favorite cooking music!


  1. Tell us about the music you like to listen to while cooking.

  2. If words only, use comment. If with original pic, use Cooksnap.

  3. If you’ve published or cooked a musically inspired Cookpad recipe, do share!

    To copy the link, 1. click on your share icon on the recipe (upper right) – lesser than sign with three dots on Android, envelope with up arrow on iOS – 2. Select “Share Recipe via…” option 3. Select “Copy” and the link will now be copied to your clipboard.

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