What a hot day! Today the weather reached 100F. I need some cold summer drink to cool me down.
Ended up making cold lemonade orange sherbet.
Hmmmmm it’s so refreshing.
I use instant lemonade powder to make a lemonade, and simply added the sherbet. Mixed it and enjoy.
Here is the recipe!


  1. 500 ml water
  2. 1 tsp lemonade powder (less or more)
  3. cubes Iced
  4. Orange sherbet (you can use any flavor)


  1. Add water in the jar or pitcher. Add the lemonade powder stir constantly then add the iced cubes. Let it cold.

  2. Add the sherbet into a glass. Then pour the lemonade into it. Add some more iced cubes if you wish.

  3. Stirring lightly and enjoy immediately. Hmmmmm so refreshing.

  4. ❤️Have a great day❤️

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