This recipe was taught to me by my mother.
Very nice tasty, when rice ball sauteed with oil and soy sauce!

Well … Is my English strange?
(The truth is…Just started learning English ;-p)


  1. 600 g…Boild white rice
  2. 15 cc…Vegetable oil
  3. 15 g…Butter
  4. 15 cc…Soy sauce
  5. And your favorite ingredients. For example, tuna, basil paste, and pickled plum


  1. Let’s cook a boiled rice, first.
    You can cook it in a pot with a lid.
    Please see here for how to make.

  2. Next, make a rice ball.
    It is useful, use a rice ball mold.
    You can buy from Amazon.
    (I’m not affiliate earner.)

  3. Put your favorite ingredients between rice and rice.
    For example, tuna, basil paste, and UMEBOSHI.
    (photo is UMEBOSHI. UMEBOSHI is sour pickled plums.)

  4. Heat the frying pan over medium heat.
    Pour 15 cc of oil.
    Put rice balls and sauteed 5 sides.
    It is delicious that it is slightly char.

  5. When all five sides have been sauteed, season with it.
    Add 15 g of butter.
    Once the butter is melted, add 15 cc of soy sauce and soak to the rice ball.

  6. This is finish!
    It is delicious as it is.
    It is delicious even if wrapped in dried seaweed.

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