This recipe is my southern answer to pesto.It’s a bit savory, so I balance the bite with a slice of apple for service on crackers.It could easily be used for sandwich filling, or stuffing pasta, or a general use filling.


  1. Spinach leaves, cut up finely with scissors
  2. Cream cheese (1/3 less fat)
  3. Finely chopped pecan
  4. Parmesan cheese
  5. drops Lemon juice, few
  6. to taste Dill weed
  7. to taste Parsley
  8. to taste Sea salt


  1. Use equal parts of cream cheese, pecan, parmesan, and cut spinach. Assemble in a mixing bowl.

  2. Use a few drops of lemon juice to make cream cheese more easily blend with other ingredients. Be careful, too much lemon can make mixture bitter.

  3. Add parsley, dill weed, and sea salt to please your pallet. Mix thoroughly.

  4. Chill for service.

  5. Serving suggestion: In photo above, the spread is topping for a cracker with a base of spinach leaf, thin sliced fugi apple, thin slice hard boiled egg, then topped with the spread. The apple adds a balancing sweetness that creates a perfect bite for my pallet. Bon appetit y’all.

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