Oisii Daikon Season has arrived! I miss my mom’s cooking. So, I tried to make it myself for the first time. Please adjust the amount of seasoning for your preferences.


  1. 2 whole Squids
  2. 1 whole Daikon
  3. 1 whole Yaki-Tofu (optional)
  4. Seasonings
  5. 4 cups Water
  6. 4-5 Tablespoons Soy sauce
  7. 4-5 Tablespoons Mirin
  8. 1 teaspoon Ginger
  9. 1 half cup of Brown Sugar
  10. 3 Tablespoons Shirodashi


  1. Main Ingredients

  2. Clean Squids

  3. Squid Body

  4. Squid Legs – Separate Legs and ??. Cut under Eye Balls(Red Line). Don’t cut legs short but in vertical because it will shrink a lot. Looks better when you serve.

  5. Prepare Daikon – Peel and cut into 10-12 mm slices and boil and drain water. (I used regular water from faucet but They say that you can use white water from washing rice (Talk water) when you boil Daikon?)

  6. Make Soup – Add all seasonings and water in the pot and boil.

  7. When #6 is boiled, add Squids, Daikon, Yaki-Tofu. Before it starts boiling again, turn down to medium temperature and simmer for 12-15min. Try to submerge main ingredients under the soup so Daikon absorb the soup. (I used Aluminum foil as a lid in the pod. So excess water will be evaporated.)

  8. Dekiagari (done)- After it finished cooking, cool it down in the room temperature makes tastier I heard.

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