Just the world’s most perfect stuffing recipe.

This recipe can be halfed for a family of 4.


  1. 4 boxes turkey stuffing mix
  2. 1 whole celery
  3. 1 LARGE white onion (softball sized or better)
  4. 2 container chicken liver
  5. 2 packs gizzards and hearts
  6. Giblets and neck in the bird
  7. Butter
  8. 2 containers Chicken stock @ 32oz each


  1. Put livers, gizzards, heart and neck in a pot. Put both containers of chicken stock in the pot and start to boil.

  2. Chop onion and celery put in a large pan with butter (use the amount of butter the stuffing boxes call for) and load up with poultry seasoning. Saute until celery and onion are cooked but not mushy. Keep in mind the poultry seasoning needs to be enough to flavor 4 boxes of stuffing. Go heavy on it!

  3. While boiling and cooking the giblets, onion and celery. Empty your boxes of stuffing into a large container. I use a huge pot that I normally have to steam crabs in.

  4. Once giblets are cooked soup them out (do not drain off juice keep it and set aside) you will chop up the giblets to desired consistency and toss them into the pan with the celery to stay warm.

  5. Once giblets are added you pour the entire pan into pot with the dry stuffing.

  6. (Get another set of hands) Have someone hold the pot as you are going to slowly add a cup or two at a time the still boiling hit broth from the giblets into the stuffing mixture. Mix after each pour, to make sure the stuffing doesn’t get overly water logged and moisture is evenly spread through. Usually 4-6 cups about does it. But again don’t add it all at once. You want the stuffing to be moist but have a bit of crunch still. It will soften as it sits and absorbs the liquid more.

  7. See my steam in a bag turkey to see what to do with the extra broth that’s left over!

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