“I’m in the kitchen so much that I don’t get to tailgate often, but when I do, I like to go all out!” Craig Deihl, the chef and owner of Cypress and Artisan Meat Share in Charleston, says. “Beer and tailgating go hand in hand, just like beer and sandwiches do.”

So, just in time for weekend tailgaiting, Deihl has laid out a master plan for pairing beers with meaty sandwiches.

Pulled Pork + Gose

Tender pork sliders are Diehl’s all-time favorite, and he opts for a prickly pear- and grapefruit-infused ancient style of beer. “The sandwich is already rich and fatty, so a lighter beer like the Sierra Nevada Otra Vez will actually make you think, ‘I can have just one more of these sandwiches!’” he says.

Brats + Hefeweizen

For sandwiches stuffed with meaty bratwursts and zippy sauerkraut, Deihl keeps the pairing in the German family. “The light flavor of Two Brothers Ebel’s Weiss is just made for sausages,” he says.

Hot Dogs + Stout

“Chili and tailgating are a given and hot dogs a staple, so why not put them together?” Diehl asks. “The spiciness of the chili and hearty beef go great with a dark stout, like Allagash Black.”

Italian Sub + Lager

At Diehl’s charcuterie-focused Artisan Meats Share, he stacks house-made meat with provolone, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. “There’s right no right or wrong with this one, but I recommend Yuengling,” he says. “These are two things that are already great and work perfectly together.”

Fried Chicken + Radler

Hot on a biscuit or cold straight from the bone, fried chicken is no-brainer at tailgates for Diehl. “All the fat from the frying is so delicious, so the beer needs to be light and fresh,” he says. “Since the weather is still warm in the South, I go for Stiegl Radler.”  

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