A former Wetherspoon worker shared an insight into the best meals and the ones customers should avoid at all costs on the social media platform Reddit. He admitted that he enjoyed his working experience and that he would get free meals if his shift was longer than seven hours, including pizza, wraps or burgers, but some things he “would never eat”.

He claimed that most of Wetherspoon’s food is either heated up in the microwave or deep fried.

The burgers, steaks, pizzas and paninis, however, are made “from scratch”, and the fish is “battered fresh,” he explained.

The man claimed that burger patties “come in a packet as you’d get at Tesco”, but they are “properly grilled” and the bacon is also cooked fresh.

He continued: “The pizza is decent in my opinion, and the curries aren’t bad for being microwaved.”

However, he said that he would “avoid the steaks”. The ex-worker opined: “I never ate one but always thought they looked awful.”

In terms of burgers, he recommended: “The beef ones are cooked fresh, they’re not the best but for the price, they’re not bad.

“Gets a bit dicier when you start going for chicken or veggie or vegan in my opinion,” he added.

The Wetherspoon ex-employee also claimed that eggs are “fried on a flat top grill thing” which is hard to clean, and are then “scrambled and poached in the micro”.

According to the man, “poached eggs came pre-poached”. He said: “Always funny watching managers try to come up with excuses for how we could serve fried/scrambled eggs but not poached or vice versa”.

A Wetherspoon PR team member, Eddie Gershon, commented that “fish is freshly battered every day”, and pizzas and paninis are both “made fresh to order”.

Curries are made “to bespoke Wetherspoon recipes and are delivered frozen and then heated in the microwave”.

The Wetherspoon representative continued by saying that breakfasts are cooked to order “for the majority of the time”.

“During some busy periods, in order to ensure customers are served promptly, some items are pre-cooked and held for a limited time.

“Our poached eggs are pre-poached to ensure the quality of the product is consistent for the customer.”

Mr Gershon assured that only “a small percentage of our dishes, by volume sold, are microwaved”.

“Most high-volume products such as burgers and steaks are grilled and a number of other meals such as pizzas and jacket potatoes are oven cooked.

“Wetherspoon’s top three cooking methods are (in order): Grilling (‘clam’ or flat grill or ‘char’ grill), frying and oven-cooking,” he told the Mirror.

Ex-employee Robert, who worked at his local Wetherspoon in Bristol when he was at university, previously shared with Express.co.uk some items that aren’t good “value for money”, including burgers or pitchers.

“Premium burgers cost more – but usually the only difference is cheese, bacon and sauce. Go for a classic and add on the toppings,” he recommended.

Alcohol pitchers can cost around £6.99 but Robert claimed that a jug contains two double shots of alcohol with the rest being mixer and ice. “Customers think you can’t go wrong with a pitcher and used to rave about how great they were. But if you just drink normal spirits instead, you’d end up saving money and drinking the same amount of alcohol.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Wetherspoon for comment.

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