Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, 58, has a fantastic figure and seems to live a very active lifestyle.

Martin Sharp, a Multi-Award Winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and founder of Sharp Fit For Life, spoke to to explain the diet that the Duchess likely follows.

He claimed: “Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh is well reported over the past decade for eating very healthily, including plant-based foods and lean protein and is also known for her culinary skills.”

However, the expert claimed that Sophie is not averse to sugary snacks when appropriate.

Martin continued: “She is not afraid to try a sweet treat on occasion, especially when on royal duties.

“Though keeping herself well hydrated and ensuring she gets proper sleep will play a large part.”

This is probably vital for Sophie as she frequently travels across the UK and abroad on royal engagements, so would need to stay hydrated and rested to put on her best performance.

The expert expanded on how Sophie likely keeps her trim figure at the age of 58.

Martin opined: “To stay fit and healthy, Sophie has chosen to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle in how she eats.

“This also includes how she exercises, but also in rest, relaxation and sleep, so she knows when she has had enough.”

The Duchess does exercise frequently, according to the expert, although she seems to love one exercise in particular.

Martin added: “Sophie has been known for cycling and has done so in aid of charity in the past.

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“She completed the 450-mile D-of-E Diamond Challenge from Edinburgh to London in 2016 in aid of Vision Foundation.

“Also, she has been known to enjoy skiing and horse riding.” The Royal Family all love skiing and horse riding.

Kate Middleton and Prince William frequently go on family skiing holidays, and Princess Anne and Zara Tindall are both Olympic equestrians.

For someone who leads a busy schedule, the Duchess of Edinburgh has to find time in her diary to keep fit and healthy.

Martin suggested: “By making being fit and healthy part of her lifestyle rather than a forced or optional addition, I’m sure she will prioritise her schedule to make sure there is adequate space allowed.

“As with most busy people, when it is important, which health is, then space is allotted.”

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh lives in Bagshot Park with her husband Prince Edward and their 15-year-old son, James, Earl of Wessex.

Their eldest child, Lady Louise Windsor, 19, is currently studying at St Andrew’s University in Scotland.

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