Breakfast is a daily habit in itself and the ingredients you reach for each day could say more than you think about your character.

According to research by Bertinet Bakery and insight from behavioural expert Judi James, the nation has three most-loved dishes to help break their fast in the morning.

A whopping 55 percent of the 2,000 Britons who took part in the research prefer a bacon sandwich, while 23 percent opt for scrambled eggs on toast.

Meanwhile, French toast is a firm favourite with 20 percent of people.

But what does your morning meal say about you? Find out with’s quick quiz.

What does your breakfast say about you? Share your results in the comments.

Looking for meal inspiration? Check out recipes for overnight oats, crispy bacon, and every kind of eggs from scrambled to fried or boiled.

Find the full range of recipes here.

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