Eggs and bacon are staple breakfast ingredients in British homes and they’re often best enjoyed together as part of a fry up.

While it’s not unusual to consider cooking these items in an air fryer, one chef has found a way to do it all at once.

In a video shared on his TikTok profile, @theairfryerguy revealed his super-easy morning cheat meal.

The recipe consisted of one slice of white bread, one egg, and a single bacon rasher all layered on top of one another.

Branded as the “perfect” strategy for a quick meal, the hack amassed a staggering 333.7k likes on the social media platform.

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The method is incredibly easy to follow and doesn’t require any preheating of the air fryer.

Simply place one piece of sliced bread in the empty fryer basket and make a small well in the centre of it by pressing down on the dough.

Crack an egg directly into the centre of the bread and carefully layer one single rasher of raw bacon on top of it.

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Gently push the basket into the fryer and set it to 180C for just seven minutes. After this, the bread, egg, and bacon should be perfectly cooked in one single portion.

Those who enjoy crispier bacon may want to cook the dish for a little bit longer, and the same goes for people who like a set yolk.

Remove the slice from the fryer and enjoy with a dash of cracked black pepper and sauce of choice for the ultimate breakfast.

One TikTok user revealed that they take the recipe one step further with a few added extras. They wrote: “I cut the bacon up first sprinkle it on top of the egg for four minutes then put a slice of cheese on top then another four minutes… boom.”

Others revealed that they weren’t a fan of the recipe as they found the egg slid off the bread before being cooked.

To prevent this, it is useful to press a slight well into the centre of the bread in order to keep the whites contained until they harden.

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