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Garlic bread can be made using almost any kind of dough base, though it is traditionally done with ciabatta or baguette. But for a lighter and quicker alternative, wraps are “the best” for “golden” results, according to one TikTok chef. They shared an easy recipe you can make in just four minutes.

Air fryers are known for cooking food in a fraction of the time needed for traditional oven appliances, and for a smaller fee too.

With almost no end to the possibilities of what you can cook in this energy-efficient appliance, garlic bread is no exception.

In a recent video on their TikTok profile, Emma Hendry revealed her go-to recipe for a quick buttery, golden side dish.

And all you need is wraps, butter, garlic granules, basil, and mozzarella cheese.

Using two mini wraps, which are lower in calories than standard-sized ones, Emma built her easy garlic bread.

She started by spreading a thick layer of butter onto one wrap. While the avid home cook used spreadable butter, you can use a block or dairy alternative.

On top of the buttery base, she sprinkled some dried garlic granules to make them stick to the flat dough.

Next, Emma layered on the dried basil until the wrap looked well-seasoned.

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While the TikTok chef did not use exact measurements, she poured enough garlic and basil to form a light layer on top of the butter.

On the second wrap, she repeated the process before gently stacking them.

This should be done by laying the flat edge of one wrap onto the side covered in toppings on the other.

Emma said: “Put in the air fryer for four minutes until golden.”

The results should resemble a pizza-bread-style base with a bubbling, cheesy topping.

Showing off the delicious-looking garlic bread after cooking it, the TikTok chef noted that the recipe is “so easy, simple and tasty”.

Fellow members on the popular social media app shared their own versions using Emma’s “handy” tutorial.

One person recommended using parsley instead of basil when adding extra flavour to the garlic and cheese.

Another garlic bread lover revealed that they roll theirs up differently for an entirely different look.

They commented: “Slgt change, I wrap mine like a wrap, then cut into 5cm widths. Then cook. It makes kind of a swirl of garlic bread.”

While the TikTok recipe called for garlic granules, you can substitute crushed fresh garlic into the mix, according to other keen home cooks.

Simply mix it into the butter before spreading it onto the wraps. For the best results, cook at 200C for four minutes, and check them before cooking for a further two minutes to create a crispier wrap base.

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