Now that the weather has gotten much colder, many people will be cooking up comforting easy meals such as soups and stews in order to keep warm. 

Carrots are an essential ingredient when it comes to winter cooking, as they provide many nutrients such as potassium, calcium and vitamins A, C and K. 

Root vegetables are always good to have on hand in your kitchen, however, there is nothing more frustrating than preparing dinner and looking for carrots only to discover the ingredients have gone off and may appear wilted, slimy or even mouldy. 

It may seem obvious to simply put carrots in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, but there is actually a simple way to keep them fresher for much longer.

At this time of year in the run-up until Christmas, many people are trying to save as much money as possible, and you can cut down on your food shopping by following these simple food storage tips to keep carrots from spoiling or rotting.

How to keep carrots fresh and crispy for longer 

In the fridge

The most essential part of storing carrots is to keep them from being exposed to sunlight and air, which will cause the carrots to begin to spoil. 

Carrots can last months if stored in the right conditions. In places where it is common to have a cellar, carrots can last up to six months if stored in a cool dark place. 

However, the best way to keep carrots fresh in the fridge is to keep them in an airtight ziplock bag in your fridge which helps control the humidity. This will help control the humidity which can cause root vegetables to dehydrate and begin to spoil. This will not help your carrots last months but can keep them fresh for up to a week more. 

The most important thing to know when it comes to carrot storage is to not wash your carrots unless you are able to cook with them as rinsing carrots before storage can actually cause mould growth.

If buying fresh carrots which still have the green carrot tops on them, make sure to cut them off, as if left intact it can draw moisture out of the vegetable, which means the carrot will dry out and begin to wilt very quickly. However, carrots tops can still be eaten and have a slight peppery taste, so consider using them as a herb in cooking instead of throwing them away.

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When storing carrots, it is also important to keep them away from any food which can produce ethylene gas, a growth hormone which will cause other fruits and vegetables to begin quickly deteriorating or can even food to taste extremely bitter. 

The most common ethylene-producing foods are fruits such as bananas, pears and apples but tomatoes also release ethylene gas. 

In the freezer

If your carrots have been chopped up or you are looking for them to last longer than a few weeks, then freezing them is the best food storage method. 

If the carrots have been cut, simply rinse and wash them before storing them on a baking sheet. Put them in the freezer and once frozen solid, place them in a freezer bag or another airtight container. 

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