McDonald’s brought back a fan favorite – spicy chicken McNuggets – for a limited time sending fans wild.

The nuggets are breaded in a crispy coating and spiced with a blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper, according to the fast food giant’s website.

The fan-favorite first popped up in the US in 2020, according to Eat This Not That!, and has returned every year since for a limited time.

The outlet said that when the item returned last year, it was only available at about half of McDonald’s nationwide.

The food-focused Instagram page Snackolator lauded the news claiming the nuggets were the “GOAT of the McNugget kingdom”.

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The food blogger posted: “These have been out a few times now, but they’re making another triumphant return.”

The post continued: “They have a nice level of spice that certainly isn’t going to burn your mouth, but is clearly superior to normal McNuggets.

“Even as an adult it makes me want to grab some McNuggets for lunch!”

Fans of the item took to the comments section to express their excitement at the nugget news.

One person commented: “They need to make this permanent.”

Another added: “Ohmg yes, lunch today gonna be amazing” while another simply yelled “SUBLIME!”

Others called for other limited-edition items to be brought back – including the much-loved snack wrap.

Earlier this year, McDonald’s brought back the Oreo Frappe this spring and summer after eight years.

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