Pippa Middleton, 39, once disclosed a breakfast item that she would never eat.

The Princess of Wales’s sister said she would never eat pancakes with certain toppings in an interview with the i newspaper.

She said: “Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – that certainly doesn’t do it for me.”

Despite not liking this particular breakfast, Pippa knows the value of a good breakfast every day to start the day off right.

She commented: “I always have breakfast. I can’t start the day properly without it. 

“My usual breakfast is either plain yoghurt with chopped fruit and toasted seeds, oats and nuts or toasted rye bread with eggs or avocado.”

Along with her sister, Kate Middleton, Pippa grew up in a busy home where “eggs and soldiers” was their go-to breakfast.

She said they would have “lots of porridge or boiled eggs with soldiers”.

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In case royal fans don’t have time to make porridge in the morning, Pippa recommends making a batch of “bircher muesli with fresh berries on top,” and eating it throughout the week.

The 29-year-old included the official recipe for this breakfast dish in her cookbook, Heartfelt, which came out in 2016.

In the interview with the i, Pippa explained that her favourite breakfast of all time was eaten “up a mountain in the Trois Vallées ski region of France, with beautiful views, snow all around and crisp, fresh air to heighten the senses”.

In addition to showing how much she values breakfast, Pippa is a spokesperson for the charity Magic Breakfast, whose mission is to feed children who don’t have time to eat before attending school.

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As well as eating healthily, the 39-year-old sister of Kate Middleton is passionate about being in shape.

Pippa participates in a variety of sports, including skiing, swimming, Pilates, and gym training.

It goes without saying that her daily diet plays a significant role in why she always looks so healthy, with glowing skin and luscious hair.

In 2014, Pippa discussed her diet in her Mind & Body column for Waitrose Weekend: “I’ve never done Dukan, attempted Atkins or exercised religiously seven days a week but I do believe in making healthy choices – keeping refined carbs such as white bread and pasta to a minimum, and sticking to sensible portion sizes.”

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