The Card Factory has recalled the Happy Easter Egg Hunt bag because various allergens, including milk, peanuts and soya, were not declared in English. The risk statement issued by the company stated that it may also contain other cereals containing gluten, egg and nuts.

The Happy Easter Egg Hunt sold in The Card Factory has now been removed from its shelves since some of the ingredients were not included on the label in English.

The Easter product also contained cereals with gluten, egg and other nuts, which were listed only in Polish.

This means that the chocolate eggs are a “possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to nuts, peanuts and/or soya, and/or an allergy or intolerance to cereals containing gluten, egg and/or milk or milk constituents,” the Food Standards Agency explained.

The Card Factory has recalled the product and has contacted the allergy support organisations which will tell their members about the issue.

Product details

Happy Easter Egg Hunt bag

Pack size: 198g

Best before date: January 2024

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The retailer has also released point-of-sale notices to explain why the product is being recalled and tell customers what to do if they have the Easter chocolates at home.

The Food Standards Agency urged consumers to return the product to a Card Factory store for a full refund and “not eat it”.

Its website said: “If you have bought the above product and have an allergy to nuts, peanuts and/or soya, and/or an allergy or intolerance to cereals containing gluten, egg and/or milk or milk constituents do not eat it.”

Customers who have purchased the item or have any questions can contact [email protected].

The Food Standards Agency explained that food recalls happen when there is some problem with the products, normally health-related issues, and they can no longer be sold.

“Then it might be ‘withdrawn’ (taken off the shelves) or ‘recalled’ (when customers are asked to return the product).

“Sometimes foods have to be withdrawn or recalled if there is a risk to consumers because the allergy labelling is missing or incorrect or if there is any other food allergy risk. When there is a food allergy risk, the FSA will issue an Allergy Alert,” its website stated.

Supermarket Asda recently recalled the Tiger Tiger Taste Japan Mirin 150ml as some bottles were “incorrectly packed and contained Teriyaki Sauce which was not declared on the label”.

All date codes are affected with barcode 502444 8552476.

Tesco recalled its Creamfields grated cheddar 500g because it may contain small pieces of clear, soft plastic which “could make the product unsafe to eat”. All products with the best before date of March 23 are affected.

Tesco shared its advice and asked customers “not to eat it” and instead, “return it to a Tesco store where a full refund will be given, no receipt is required”.

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