Crispy skin on the outside, with juicy meat on the inside, is there anything better than a Sunday roast chicken?

One chef has claimed his easy “spatchcocking” tip that will help cook your chicken more evenly and give it an even crispier golden brown skin.

Shaun is a Malaysian cook who promises his roast chicken recipe is guaranteed to impress your family and friends.

In his recipe video, Shaun demonstrated how to spatchcock a chicken. He turned a raw chicken onto its back and explained that first, you need to locate the backbone (or spine) of a chicken.

Remove the spine of the chicken by inserting the tip of the knife into one side of the backbone and pressing down firmly with your palm against the back of the knife, and repeat the process on the other side.

Shaun added home cooks can save the backbone in order to make homemade stock. Next, Shaun spread the thighs of the chicken in order to get it prepared to cook.

He said: “This is called spatchcocking your chicken. Laying it out flat like this can help you cook it faster and more evenly. Because the legs, the wings and the dark meat tend to take longer to cook than the white meat, usually about twice as long.”

Spatchcocking, also called butterflying, is a simple cooking technique that will help make your chicken crispier, juicer and much more tender.

Next, Shaun made a simple butter for his chicken with salt, pepper, and oregano, but also added “you can add any other herb you want.”

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He mixed the herbs and spices in a small bowl with butter and stuffed some butter underneath the skin of the chicken as well as spreading it on the surface of the meat.

Shaun got a pan and prepared a trivet, which is a small selection of vegetables or fruit placed with the chicken to mix in the flavours.

The chef got a cooking pot and placed a sliced orange, head of garlic, onion and carrot into the pot and then placed the chicken on top. He said: “To prevent the wing tips from burning, tuck them underneath the leg.”

Shaun preheated his oven to the maximum temperature but then turned it down to 200 Celcius once the chicken was placed inside the oven.

He said: “Bake [the chicken] for roughly an hour, it can go longer depending on how big your bird is.”

Shaun then revealed the cooked chicken, which was sizzling and looked crispy and delicious. He said: “That’s how you roast a chicken. Now go and impress your family and friends!”

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