Bananas: Experts explain how to keep the fruit fresh

It can be ‘bananas’ how expensive food shopping can be, and for most people, bananas are an essential part of their daily healthy breakfast.

It is often assumed that the best way to store bananas is simply to put them in a fruit bowl somewhere in the kitchen, but you actually be making them and other fruit spoil much more quickly.

Bananas release a gas called ethylene, a growth hormone, which will cause fruit to age and ripen much more quickly.

Bananas should also be kept away from apples, peas, avocados, peaches, and plums as it will cause the fruit to deteriorate rapidly.

However, there is a simple way to keep bananas from spoiling and going mushy or grown, which can help you save money on your weekly shopping.

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How to keep bananas fresher for longer

Lora is a writer and mother who enjoys sharing her favourite household tips online in order to “make life easier and elevated at the same time.”

In a video online, Lora explained that wrapping the stems of bananas can stop ethylene gas emitting, keeping bananas and other fruit around them from spoiling.

Some supermarkets already place tape on bananas when they are being purchased, and it will usually be a strip of plastic covering the top part of a bunch of bananas. Once wrapped, the ethylene gas will not be able to travel downwards and should keep bananas fresh.

Lora said: “Have you ever wondered what that tape was for? That little bit of tape serves a purpose. Go grab your plastic wrap, we’re about to save a bunch.

In order to try this method, Lora explained: “Separate your bananas and wrap each top with plastic. This slows down the release of ethylene gas which causes them to ripen faster.”

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Other tips for keeping bananas fresh

If you purchase bananas that come in a plastic bag, make sure to always remove them from the bag, as it can cause ethylene gas to build up and speed up ripening.

However, another way to stop bananas from ripening is spraying them with an acidic juice such as lemon lemon just, which will keep them yellow without affecting the taste.

According to the BBC, this food storage method is implemented by Marks and Spencer as a way to keep their fruit salads fresh. Their research also discovered that Cavendish bananas are more likely to stay fresher for longer.

Rose Wilkinson, a fruit technologist at Marks and Spencer., said: “We’ve spent years trying to overcome this so that we can include it in our prepared fruit salads and were delighted when we discovered a clever trick using fruit acid – just like you would at home with lemon juice.”

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