Vegetables and condiments are among the most popular Christmas staples, and another thing they have in common is being controversial when it comes to storing them.

Unlike meat, cheese, and alcohol which are quite self-explanatory on where to keep them, these items are less so.

An expert at has settled the argument by revealing exactly where festive products should be kept.

Food and fitness professional Ashleigh Tosh said: “Chocolate is always a sticking point but the debate doesn’t stop there, with other Christmas items like cranberries, potatoes and onions where people have conflicting opinions about where they belong in the kitchen.

“To prevent any silly falling outs at Christmas, we’ve weighed into the debate basing it on freshness, quality and taste, which will hopefully put the arguments to bed once and for all.”

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Onions and potatoes

Many people regard spuds and onions as pantry ingredients that belong in a cool, dark cupboard rather than the fridge, but Ashley claimed that this isn’t the case.

Despite often being stored together, onions actually belong in the cool environment of the fridge.

The MuscleFood employee said: “Brown and red onions can last longer after being stored in the fridge. The coolness also gives it a fresh taste when consumed raw, plus, the leftovers can be used for seven to eight days if they’re stored in the fridge.”

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Potatoes on the other hand should be kept far away in a cool, dark cupboard instead. Ashley said: “Otherwise, you could be left with a foul sweetness after eating the roasties.

“If any small sprouts appear, simply chop them off at the root and the potatoes will still be safe to consume.”


The small red fruits are a must-have for Christmas turkey but they won’t keep for long unless stored in the fridge.

According to the food expert, the same goes for cranberry sauce, which even if unopened, should be placed in the fridge to maintain the cool, fresh taste.

Brussels sprouts

Ashley continued: “Brussels sprouts should be placed in the fridge to keep the fresh taste and preserve the quality.

“If they’re left out of the fridge, they could rot before Christmas Day comes along.”

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