Daily Express taste test Pigs in Blankets

Christmas is fast approaching and many Britons will already be stocking up for the big day.

All the major supermarkets will be stocking Pigs in Blankets – an absolute festive favourite – but with so many to choose from, you may not be sure where’s best to buy.

Exclusively for Express.co.uk, I tried Pigs in Blankets from three beloved supermarkets, Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose, to see which was the best.

It’s hard to get Pigs in Blankets wrong – what could be better than a sausage wrapped in crispy bacon? – and all three proved to be relatively tasty.

However, one supermarket stood out by far. Tesco Finest 10 Pigs In Blankets 210g were absolutely delicious.

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Tesco finest Plump & Juicy 10 British Pigs in Blankets: 5/5

Price: £3.25

I sampled Tesco finest Plump & Juicy 10 British Pigs in Blankets and I was not disappointed.

Of all the meaty treats I got to try this show-stopper came out on top.

The sausage was succulent and juicy, while the bacon was superbly crispy.

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16 British Pork Pigs in Blankets: 4/5

Price: £5.25

I assumed that Waitrose’s Pigs in Blankets would be my favourite as it is my go-to supermarket and renowned for its quality.

But while I did find them super tasty – the crispy bacon was a particular standout – they fell just short of what Tesco provided as I found the meat tasted ever so slightly bland in comparison. Nevertheless, I would certainly enjoy tucking into these over the Christmas period.

Waitrose kindly sent me over a second variation of the popular festive side – their Honey & Rosemary Chipolatas in Bacon, with eight in the packet.

These piggies were far from little and made quite the filling snack, just over double the size of the other Pigs in Blankets I was sent. The honey was a delectable touch.


Specially Selected 10 Pigs in Blankets: 3/5

Price: £2.39

I thought that Aldi’s Pigs in Blankets were pretty tasty and flavourful – and definitely a good choice if you’re budget shopping this Christmas, at 86p less than Tesco and £2.86 less than Waitrose.

However, I found that the sausage and bacon pairing could have been stronger. They lacked the two distinct flavours and textures the other supermarkets provided, with the bacon not crisping up enough.

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