Fresh fruit should always be washed before tucking into it but when it comes to fragile berries, there’s a specific storage method people should follow.

While some place the entire punnet of fruit under a cold tap, it could do more harm than good.

In fact, according to Nick Marston, chairman of British Berry Growers, careless washing could be the reason for mushed, watery berries.

Instead a more gentle approach is best to retain the juiciness and plump texture of fresh fruits.

Speaking to, Nick claimed that the first mistake berry-lovers should avoid is rinsing them days, or even hours before eating them.

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He said: “Do not wash berries until you’re about to eat them to prevent them from becoming mushy.

“It’s best to wash them right before eating, and gently dab with kitchen roll afterwards to get rid of excess moisture.

“For more fragile berries, dip them in cold water rather than washing them under the tap to avoid damaging them.”

When it comes to storing any leftovers, the fridge is of course the best place to keep them.

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And with the right storage method, they should stay flavoursome and fresh for up to five days.

According to Nick, the key to extending this even further is to remove any lingering moisture before moving the berries to the cold appliance.

He explained: “Storing berries in glass jars or airtight containers may help them last longer in the fridge, and it’s also worth lining the container with a paper towel so they don’t sit in water.”

Shallow containers are more effective to prevent bruising so it’s best to opt for wider, flat dishes than stackable versions.

And when it comes to strawberries, Nick recommended layering up on the paper towels to absorb even more moisture and “keep them fresher for longer”.

The berry expert noted that for the longest shelf life, it is possible to freeze fresh fruit. He claimed that berries can be frozen for as long as six months, as opposed to just five days in the fridge.

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