Shoppers have been leaving positive reviews on the products, which are available to buy through Ocado.

The Lean Protein Vanilla

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The Lean Protein is vanilla-flavoured and helps support fat metabolism, encourage fat loss and maintain energy levels.

The Health Protein

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The Health Protein is formulated to support immune system, boost health and help boost strength.

The Define Booster

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The Define Booster is a non-stimulant fat-loss supplement with nutrients to support healthy metabolism and work towards goals.

The Glow Booster

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The Glow Booster helps nourish skin from the inside out, containing hydrolysed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which can smooth and elasticise skin and increase radiance.

With the post-covid climate resulting in many switching to working from home, sedentary lifestyles have become more common, and many are requiring supplements to support themselves alongside nutrition and exercise.

Innermost’s brand focuses on helping people lead healthier lifestyles, using evidence-backed to formulate effective products for everyday use.

The products, which include protein, fat loss and collagen boosters, are available to buy on Ocado, and can be added to your usual online shop.

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Innermost aims to provide products with clean and credible ingredients, containing no additives, colours, fillers, soy, gluten or GMO nasties.

The Lean Protein Vanilla is designed to help support fat metabolism, encouraging healthy fat loss, reducing cravings and mantaining energy, with the ultimate goal of becoming lean.

The Health Protein has a chocolate flavour, and the vegan formula is universal and includes added ingredients to help support the immune system and work towards increased strength.

The Define Booster aims to safely and effectively target fat loss by ensuring correct fat metabolism within the body, but without using stimulants.

For those looking to improve their skin, The Glow Booster works from the inside, using hydrolysed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to promote skin elasticity, smooth appearance and increase radiance.

Shoppers have been leaving reviews on the products, with some saying they would ‘highly recommend’ The Glow Booster.

Giulia F said: ”Even after a week of using this, I can feel the difference in my nails growing faster and stronger. Been looking for an accessible source of collagen for a while and this one is perfect. Super easy in a smoothie, porridge or even to drink with water as it has little to no taste. Would highly recommend!”

ZoeyR commented: ”I’ve tried several brands of collagen powder and can honestly say this one has been the best yet. My skin is glowing and I’ve really noticed a difference in just 2 weeks. I usually mix in with some of The Lean protein from Innermost into a delicious shake. If you’ve been looking for a collagen powder that actually works, this is well worth a try!”

IzzyHill also added: ”I love this glow booster, I can already see a difference in my skin due to the 3 nourishing ingredients. I have been looking for a collagen product for ages that is easy to consume and this is the one!”

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