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A cooking expert shared her tips on how to make the best-scrambled eggs. These eggs are “breathtaking” and “absolutely delicious” according to people that have tried out the recipe, as the chef has a few easy tricks in order to elevate your weekend breakfast.

Emily is a nutritionist who posts about food, health and well-being on her TikTok account @emthenutritionist. Recently, Emily shared her recipe on how to make the ultimate scrambled eggs that were “insanely creamy”.

She began her video by saying: “These are the best-scrambled eggs you will ever make. As an absolute must-save method to give you the most mind-blowing eggs of your life.”

The cooking expert explained that the “key” to making the scrambled eggs was “all in the method.”

Emily first began by cracking three eggs into a bowl. She said: “Whisk the eggs hard, incorporating all of the white and yolk. Season with salt and pepper and let it sit for five minutes.”

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Emily then showed herself placing her mixture into a cooking pan, and said the best way to cook scrambled eggs was to go “low and slow.”

She said it was best to use a non-stick pan and put “a knob of butter” into the pan, which is around two tablespoons.

Emilu gently used a spatula to push the eggs into the centre of the pan. The cook said: “Stir them until they are just starting to set and start pushing inwards to create larger pieces of texture.”

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She began pushing the egg mixture to one side of the pan. Emily explained: “Keep to one side of the pan to reduce the contact of the heat.”

Emily took the pan on and then off the heat and keep moving the eggs continuously with her spatula. She said keep doing this method until the eggs are “just held together, you want that wibble.”

She then served her eggs on a nice piece of sourdough bread that had olive oil on it with a sprinkle of chives over the top.

Emily showed herself cutting into the delicious-looking scrambled eggs, and said: “You will have the most insanely buttery creamy eggs to die for.”

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