The Bailey’s drink that previously sold out when it launched, is back and available to buy in time for summer.

Baileys Colada

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The limited-edition Colada flavour of Baileys has just been restocked after selling out in record time when it was released. The drink blends coconut and sweet pineapple together for the perfect tropical drink.

Baileys Eton Mess

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The perfect summer treat, enjoy the Baileys Eton Mess which encapsulates the flavours of the classic British dessert, including strawberries, meringue, and cream.

With summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to enjoy fruity, sweet drinks with friends and while Baileys may conjure up memories of cosy winter nights on the couch sipping on classic Irish whiskey, the distillery’s tropical drink has been inspired by beach holidays and evenings in the sun.

The limited edition bottle first launched three years ago and it went viral online for the delicious cocktails it can be used to make.

After the initial launch, the summery drink sold out in record time but it’s finally back for a limited time only, so you’ll want to grab one quickly before it’s gone for good.

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Influenced by the summer cocktail staple, the world-famous Piña Colada, this liqueur is described as being “like summer in a bottle” and by the sounds of it, we think that sounds about right.

With a base of Baileys Original Irish Cream, Baileys Colada blends in the flavours of coconut and sweet pineapple to create a beverage that’s smooth, creamy, and sure to leave you wanting more.

You can currently pick up a 70cl of Baileys Colada online from The Bottle Club, plus it’s currently reduced to £19.49, saving £5.50, while stocks last.

Buy: The Bottle Club (£19.49)

Plus, Baileys have other flavours that are perfect for the summer, such as the Baileys Eton Mess Irish cream.

With flavours of strawberries, raspberry, meringue and blueberry, it’s perfect for summer evenings and you can even add whipped cream for a true decadent drink.


Bailey’s Colada cocktail recipe

Bailey’s has an easy-to-make frozen pina colada recipe that makes the most of the creamy coconut and sweet pineapple on its website for those who do manage to grab themselves a bottle.

You will need

50ml of Baileys Colada

Frozen pineapple chunks

Finely Chopped Coconut for the rim (optional)

Pineapple slices to garnish (optional)


Step One

Into a blender add: One to two scoops of crushed Ice, two heaped cups of frozen pineapple, 50ml of Baileys Colada.

Step Two

Blend to a smooth consistency.

Step Three

Dip rim of colada glass in fruit juice and then chopped coconut.

Step Four

Garnish the glass with a slice of pineapple and leaves.

Buy: The Bottle Club (£19.49)

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