The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Birmingham last week and spent some time at an Indian Streatery, a family-run restaurant curry house where they helped make rotis, and took a booking from a customer. During their time there, the couple revealed their tipple of choice.

Prince William admitted he likes vodka, and particularly enjoys a Kamikaze cocktail, which he described as “silent, but deadly”.

Kamikaze is a Japanese word literally meaning “divine wind”. It was coined in the 12th century to describe a tremendous storm that destroyed a Mongolian armada and stopped Japan from being invaded.

The drink has a strong acidity with a tinge of sweetness and is typically served ice cold, as a shot.

There was speculation regarding William’s “silent, but deadly” description, with some suggesting he referred to the silent speed at which a Kamikaze is typically drunk – but with a double shot of vodka, they can be deadly if too many are enjoyed at once.

As for what other ingredients go into the Kamikaze apart from vodka, it features triple sec and lemon or lime juice to create a short sharp shot of sour citrus to tingle your tastebuds.

How to make a Kamikaze cocktail 

50ml Vodka
25ml Triple Sec
25ml Lemon Juice
One Lime wedge

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a shot glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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Kate, on the other hand, seemingly doesn’t join William with his Kamikaze shots. Instead, Hello! reported she said: “I quite like tequila,” but didn’t specify what she drinks it with.

Alison Hammond, who spent some time with the royal couple later that day revealed: “[Kate] was saying that she likes spicy cocktails, she doesn’t like the sweet cocktails or anything like that.”

When it comes to what the royal couple eat, they said they “love curries” and “secretly try lots of curry houses around the country”.

Kate said the food was “so nostalgic” and said she “loves spice”, while William said he prefers milder food, adding: “I’m a masala man.”

When asked if their three children enjoy Indian food, Kate said: “Absolutely, they love it.”

William was also keen to learn how to cook rice, as he said his rice always ends up “soggy” when he makes it.

The Prince is said to cook a “mean steak” but confessed he gets “really worried about cooking it” as he “hates over-cooking steak”.

As for how he likes his steak cooked, he said “medium-rare, so quite alive”.

Alongside steak, William likes to serve a sauce but admitted they end up “quite dry or lumpy” and said making sauces was a skill he needed to “work on”.

William is said to have cooked for Kate several times when they were together at university.

But according to their flatmates, “things [used to] catch on fire”.

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