Kelly Rogers, 45, tipped the scales at 18 stone in 2021, and wore a 24 dress size.

She attributed her weight gain to second helpings, boozy weekends and the eternal false promise that she would “start the diet on Monday”.

The single mum, from Fforestfach, Wales, tried several fad diets but could never seem to keep the weight off long-term.

But in December 2021 she vowed to herself she would take her weight loss seriously and even joined a support group to help her on her journey.

Taking her goal very seriously, Kelly decided to book every Friday off for the next 12 weeks as annual leave to “focus” on her weight loss transformation.

She said: “I completely changed my eating habits and banished the weekend drinking binges.”

The local weight loss group also did wonders for Kelly, with the slimmer revealing she lost a whopping eight pounds in the first week alone, which spurred her on to continue.

“I even took up boxing at the gym where my son works and the weight started dropping off me.”

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Taking those extra days of annual leave was a godsend for Kelly, who used the time to really “focus” on her weight loss goals – “having that extra day, just to myself to focus on my weight loss made the world of difference!”.

Kelly has also totally revamped her diet, swapping instant noodles, fish and chips, crisps, fizzy drinks and wine for eggs, salad, veggies, salmon and waiter – with the “occasional gin and slimline tonic”.

By the end of 2022, Kelly had lost a staggering six stone and was unrecognisable in a dress size 10, weighing in at 11st 8lbs.

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Kelly’s transformation has had a huge effect on her life – not just her waistline, with the slimmer saying: Kelly said: “I feel great and when the weekend comes around, I don’t even think about having lots of wine.

“My weekends are built around eating nutritious food and good habits like going to the gym or long walks with friends.”

Kelly shared that she is delighted with her transformation, now feeling “incredible” with a new lease on life and excitement for a long future running with her grandchild who is due in August.

She also shared that her kids, Cory, 26, and Kai, 19 are “proud” of their mum.

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