Escape rooms are indeed one of the best enjoyable activities especially during the weekends. They are not only fun but also gives you a chance to interact with new people and strengthening your family bonds. However if you have never tried engaging in the escape game then it may be a bit challenging on what to expect from the game. The escape room games are available for all people despite their ages or gender and therefore anyone can always free to engage in any locker room game based on their preferences. You do not need to worry about how to go about the game as this guide takes you through a complete guide on how to engage in the locker room game.

How to get started

The escape room on the games entails finding appropriate solutions to solving the given puzzles. However this does not mean that you can comfortably relax in the locker room for the entire day. You need to work within the given time schedule. Most escape room games are restricted to about an hour and therefore you need to think fast and solve the puzzle before the clock ticks. There are also several escape rooms and therefore you need to choose the best game that suits you most. Most of the escape rooms can accommodate about 2 to 6 or even 10 people and therefore you can choose the ideal locker room depending on the number of players that you need to play with. Winning the game requires you to think critically to find the perfect solutions to solving the puzzles or rather the game patterns.

Tips to escape the locker room

Team work makes the dream work

If you are playing as a group then you need to work together to get ideal solutions to unlocking the patterns. Use the available hints and share your opinions to solve the puzzle before the clock ticks.

Listen carefully

Be a good listener as this is key to conquering the escape room. Listen to the clues and hints as this would help you solve the puzzles.

Never hide information

You need to share everything with your friends or other member in the game. Do not ignore an idea. Make everyone aware of it as you work towards getting the appropriate solution to unlocking the room.

The escape room games are meant to be enjoyed and this should be your core purpose even as you struggle to find appropriate solutions to unlocking the room. Have a positive attitude towards the game and look forward towards the next escape room experience even if you did not win in the previous game.